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IoT devices for safer water

SWT Water Quality device is based on the research carried out under the GCRF SAFEWATER and SAFEWATER Translate projects. The focus is on the design, development, testing and sale of IoT/sensor technologies to improve water safety and monitoring. The first product is a Mark I Beta prototype water quality device for the detection of E.coli   in a range of water sources. The E.coli test is a primary indicator of potability or suitability for consumption, of drinking water. The device...

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jeremy Hamilton

Newtownabbey, United Kingdom

Joined this community on Apr 19, 2021

Bio Dr Jeremy Hamilton is a Research Fellow in the Engineering Research Institute based at the Nanotechnology and Integrated BioEngineering Centre (NIBEC). The majority of his postdoctoral research has been dedicated to humanitarian causes via skills in material science, electrochemistry and most recently product design These historical research endeavours include tackling global warming (EU FP5 COCON & NSF funded Project 1033317), removal of persistent pollutants (EU FP5 PEBCAT) Reuse of Medical devices with CJD exposure (Department of Health & Invest NI POC OptomX). Various medical device solutions during time with CHIC, culminating in an XPRIZE bid. furthering the medical device development expertise gained during CHIC. My current project Safewater and translate ( GCRF EP/P032427/1) looks to develop low cost water remediation and water quality monitoring devices for low income countries. the latest humanitarian project aims to bring safe water to devloping nations via the safewater project


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