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GABI: a generalized artificial brain intelligence framework to enhance AI and XAI applications

Explainable artificial intelligence (XAI) and AI markets were valued at USD 39.9 and 3.55 billion in 2019, and expected to grow dramatically in the coming years, with revenue going mainly to developing software applications. These projections are intertwined as XAI was created to enhance our understanding of AI models and accelerate its adoption by human societies. As human beings trust what they can see or understand, even the most amazing intelligent machine must be understood before being...

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Jose Sanchez

Londonderry, United Kingdom

Joined this community on Mar 10, 2021

Bio I love my work as a scientist, solving problems 24/7. Particularly, I love brain and mathematical sciences. I try to understand life and have fun by programming and putting all together, my knowledge and skills, to understand problems and the world through practical and simple ideas; which mainly includes learning, like understanding what is going on in the brain of my 4 years old child, how well he is developing, and how to make him better prepared for the fast-coming future.


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