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Fraud in the online gambling industry is a growing problem. Rapid identification of fraud is of key importance to both commercial and government entities involved in the gambling industry. Current technologies for fraud detection are limited and are often focussed on detection of fraudulent accounts rather than fraudulent behaviours. This project will deal with solving the problem of fraudulent behaviour detection.

 Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been used in many domains to date, but to a lesser extent in the gambling industry. Surprisingly, it has been noted that technological advancements in fraud detection in the online gambling industry stopped short a number of years ago and are only just starting to attract interest again.  Suspicious gambling behaviour is something that gambling firms are constantly on the lookout for and have over the years adopted a number of ways to deal with this.  

 Some companies have departments which analyse a customer’s gambling activity to determine whether they should be paid out and freeze their accounts while the matter is investigated further.  There have been cases where customers have developed software to predict certain game’s payouts so that they know when to play and how much. The amount of energy, time and money that gambling firms put into combating this behaviour quite often distracts their attention from their main business.  

Using AI, we can model standard gaming behaviour, thus enabling identification of fraud by looking for novel behaviours. This in turn will enable us to predict traits of fraudulent behaviour, hence supporting companies in the ongoing battle of detecting and preventing fraud. 

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Ulster University

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Kyle Beacham 7 months ago

Status label added: Seeking a Business Advisor

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Kyle Beacham 7 months ago

The idea has been progressed to the next milestone.

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Kyle Beacham 5 months ago

Status label added: Stage 3 Options Roundabout

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