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Intelligent Digital Health Analytics

Seeking a Business Advisor
Stage 3 Options Roundabout

Million of digital devices distributed within cities, cars and homes are being connected to the Internet transforming the way we live, work, move an monitor our wellness . Ensuring their low power and dependable  operation under any dynamically varying operating  condition requires novel system modelling and design solutions that reveal and exploit intelligently circuit, microarchitecture, and application properties. 

We are developing award winning solutions  by  uniquely exploiting AI methods and applying them on the modelling of system behaviour, identification of vulnerable code/module identification and design of low power health monitoring systems through a patented low complexity health monitoring algorithm and a (patent pending) cross layer tool.                   

Which university are you from?

Queen's University of Belfast

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Kyle Beacham 5 months ago

Status label added: Seeking a Business Advisor

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Kyle Beacham 5 months ago

The idea has been progressed to the next milestone.

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Ioannis Tsiokanos 4 months ago

Video presentation


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Kyle Beacham 3 months ago

Status label added: Stage 3 Options Roundabout

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