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CyPrIoT: Cyber-protection for the Internet of Things (IoT)

Seeking a Business Advisor
Computers are no longer noisy grey boxes. They are light bulbs, door locks and security cameras, all connected as part of The IoT. IoT is a broad definition of inexpensive embedded devices that are connected to a network. However, the evolution of a global network of internet-connected consumer devices, previously the preserve of computers, has rapidly outpaced security considerations. The IoT ecosystem allows low-powered mini-computers, such as kettles and doorbells, to become hyperfunctional, for the end user and prospective hacker. As networks are only as secure as their weakest links, insecure IoT devices are low-hanging fruit for attackers trying to gain a foothold into a network, whether in the home, enterprise or industry.  Security of these devices is still an immense challenge and there is an urgent need for novel security solutions capable of being implemented in light-weight contexts against future and emerging attacks. CyPrIoT will present processor-level AI-based mitigations to threats, capable of implementation on resource constrained devices.

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Queen's University of Belfast

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Kyle Beacham 7 months ago

Status label added: Seeking a Business Advisor

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Kyle Beacham 7 months ago

The idea has been progressed to the next milestone.

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