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AuSome GrowSome- an Inclusive hydroponics Smartfarm

Seeking AgriFood Partner

The current UK food system is fragile with more than 50% of green produce imported from other countries. The amount of arable land is rapidly diminishing. Agriculture,  accounts for 70 per cent of freshwater use, and water for food is often equated to managing water on farms. The COVID-19 pandemic and Brexit have further impacted on the food supply chain. It is important to build a self sustaining, and resilient food system. Controlled environment cultivation and vertical farming can address these issues by creating a sustainable food cultivation system.

AuSome GrowSome will set up hydroponic Smartfarm and transform the agri-food system by providing a local resource of all year-round greens and edible flowers that cannot otherwise be grown due to weather restrictions. We will combine and adapt the technology in hydroponic cultivation and green energy to set up a sustainable vertical farm unit and hydroponic community hub space suitable for special needs individuals and marginalised youth.

Our Smartfarm will have environmental impact by low water consumption, space, carbon footprint and higher yield. In addition, we will explore recycled material for growth supports and renewable energy to make further environmental impacts.

With the highly reproducible hydroponics, we will be able to supply fresh produce grown locally retaining their nutritious value, address shelf life, providing a farm to fork solution.

We will use the inhouse expertise in education, science and special needs to create a prototype Smartfarm suitable for education and training for marginalised and special needs individuals of all abilities. Our all year-round community hub will build healthy eating awareness by training young people to grow green produce. We therefore aim to create an accessible, equitable, nutritious food system through our two key aims of 1) growing green produce using sustainable technology 2) training elements for social prescribing for marginalised young adults.

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Ulster University

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Kyle Beacham 7 months ago

Status label added: Seeking AgriFood Partner

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Kyle Beacham 7 months ago

The idea has been progressed to the next milestone.

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